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Z. Taylor Bynum

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Fluxfilm is a media production company contracting in the creation of narrative-driven content.

Our projects have run the gamut from Feature Film, Television, and Documentary Productions,

to TV commercials, Music Videos, Marketing Campaigns, and Theatrical Trailers.      

Our projects have been broadcast on network television, theatrically screened in limited release and at film festivals, and streamed on a variety of online distribution platforms including Netflix, Amazon, and Roku. We've worked with companies such as AMC Networks, Asylum Entertainment, ESPN, Intuit, Gravitas Ventures, Hennessy & Co., Lost Lodge Productions, Squeak E Clean, The SyFy Channel, Lionsgate, UX Entertainment, and WeTV.


Fluxfilm is owned and operated by Z. Taylor Bynum.

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About Fluxfilm

I've never been certain whether the moral of the Icarus story should only be, as is generally accepted: don't try to fly too high - or whether it might also be thought of as... forget the wax and feathers, and next time do a better job on the wings. 


                                                                                   - Stanley Kubrick

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